April 24 - May 28
IDOM Designs, 1600 NE Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon

Constellations, a named pattern of stars, were first identified thousands of years ago by people in the middle east then passed onto the ancient Greeks, who added their legends and stories. These most commonly known stories are included with each painting. The painting series and my particular use of tied and strung thread were inspired by the billions of stars suspended in a web of chemistry and physics that are in a state of constant movement and change.

In The News

April 30
24 Artists, 24 Hour Show
PiP Gallery, Everett Station Lofts, Portland, Oregon

The inspiration for these pieces were from The New York Times and The Washington Post for April 30th. The used folders with metal tabs were found at Scrap.

Additional materials included: wax, pigment, thread, sparkly gold vinyl and a few other elements.